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Abrasive Compounds

Abrasive Compounds
Abrasive Compounds
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At its facility in Haan Osborn produces a complete assortment of finest polishes and compounds for nearly all polishing applications and surfaces for industry and trade.

Brand names such as UNIPOL®, DIALUX®, LANGSOL® und CANNING® stand for polishing applications with highest demands in finish quality, performance, cost-per-piece and economic efficiency.

Osborn offers for each step (brushing, satinizing, cutting, polishing or coloring) the perfect recipe, no matter if it is for manual processing at a polishing lathe or for fully automated buffing machines.

And this also matters to us: Only with matching Osborn-Polishingtools the performance of our premium compounds is brought to perfection. Compounds need a medium like buffs out of sisal, sisal/cloth, cotton or NOTIFLEX®. Applicable are also brushes with natural fibres, tampico or animal hair as chunking or less often also wire. For an overview on suitable polishing tools please see our chapter on BUFFS


Liquid compounds are primarily used on polishing machines. The use of liquid compound results in a cooler polishing process.

The compound is stored in pressure tanks or reusable containers with membrane pumps. Especially with industrial manufacturers who need large quantities, a centralized feeding system assures a contiunous flow of material, reduces downtime and increases productivity.

We are looking forward to helping you find the necessary equipment for a centralized supply: permanent or reusable containters, pressure tanks, high- and low-pressure spray-guns, membrane pumps and all spare parts.


  • Originally compounds were only used for manual polishing at the polishing lathe. This is still one of the most common usages today and is traditionally  very important to Osborn.
  • The increasing usage of polishing robots and large bar compounds enables economic polishing also for small batch series and complicated high precision workpieces. Osborn offers the so-called "robot-bars" for all existing widths.
  • Tailored for business and individual usage, e.g. for hand-operated machines, Osborn offers large scale industry approved materials in different sizes and shapes.